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Wala Group of companies, as of today is:

One of the largest and oldest Group in the fragrance industry established by SHRI NARANJI WALA who started it in the year 1950 at Bhavnagar with the name WALA & COMPANY.

Today the group has incorporated into various companies, Extending Operations at Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad & Bangalore.

The Company's flavors and fragrances are developed for global, regional and local manufacturers as well as household, personal care and fine fragrance companies which manufacture perfumes.

WALA's tailor made fragrance compounds are a differentiating element for their customer's successful consumer products.

The company's perfumers create fragrances for air care, laundry care, home care products, perfumes for aerosol sprays & eau de toilettes, personal care products (i.e. Soaps; Hair-Oil; Shampoo, Detergents...Etc.) , Incense Stick Compounds and fine fragrances for the major reputed brands.

The company has two divisions: End user products (EUP) and Industrial Perfumes (IP).

EUP develops, produces, and sells end user personal care products.

IP develops, produces, and sells fragrances, cosmetic ingredients, and aroma. Which are used in manufacturing perfumes, personal care & cosmetic products, cleaning products, detergents, home fragrances, and oral care product.

With the combination of EUP and IP, we hold a unique portfolio allowing ourselves to tap into new markets while distinguishing ourselves from our competitors.

With a market share of 14 %, WALA GROUP is one of the largest suppliers in Indian fragrance industry.

The company has a leading presence in all major markets and operates through a network of 5 subsidiaries in the mature and emerging markets of Europe, the Middle East as well as Asia Pacific.

Export Award Winners for the highest export of Aerosol Sprays.

We firmly believe that quality makes a man so as it makes perfume.



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