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At Wala,

We believe that undisputed leadership in fragrances depends on creating what we call "sensory advantage of customers. Creating sensory advantage depends on our ability to bring together nature, creativity, science, technology and business. To do this, our company has defined three core values:

Customer Focus - Our commitment for customer service comes first and foremost. We continuously strive to leverage or global capabilities, bringing superior benefits to all of our customers.

Sense of Urgency - To be the undisputed leader means we constantly challenge ourselves, creating and nurturing a performance driven company culture that also embraces openness and creativity.

Ambitious Innovation - Innovation means more than investing heavily in research and development to come up with new molecules and ingredients; it also means envisioning bold new concepts in manufacturing, marketing , delivery and more. In short, it means innovating throughout every aspect of our industry and exploiting those innovations for the benefits of all our customers worldwide.

Precision and efficiency benefit the end consumer

Automation makes for greater precision : thanks to new coding technology in operation at the Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad units the roughly three to four thousand raw materials processed there no longer need to be picked off the in laboratory for blending shelf rather it is done manually by their 6- digit article numbers. Now the codes are scanned in straight off the computer, effectively preventing any mix-ups.

The additional batch management system further simplifies

The new coding and batch management system therefore clearly boosts efficiency as well as speeding up the production process.

Incense machines have particularly penetrated into the markets with the old hand rolling being very uninteresting to the incense manufacturing labors , we have implemented the nest of the machines for mixing incense powders, making incense and packing incense.